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UHS Oil Seal for Washing Machine

High oil & temperature resistant
Metal bonded
Unmatched quality
Moulded Rubber Oil seals
High precision
High oil & temperature resistant using NBR, SBR,Silicon etc


Radial oil seals is constructed of rubber / viton / ptfe / teflon sealing lip, metal case and a spiralled tensioning spring and an internal case. SY Seals Oil Seals helping prevent lubricants, hydraulic Oil, water, or chemicals escape. Oil Seal House also prevents the entry of dust and dirt into a machine. They also stop harmful contaminants from entering machinery, particularly in severe environments. Vital components of practically every type of machine and vehicle in operation, oil seals protect all types of precision-constructed, close-fitting ball, sleeve and roller bearings.
Other Details:

  • Oil Seals

  • Rubber Oil Seal

  • Automotive Oil Seals

  • Hydraulic Oil Seals

  • Viton Oil Seal

  • PTFE Oil Seal

  • Nitrile Oil Seal

  • Crankshaft Oil Seal

  • Silicon Oil Seal

  • Wheel Oil Seal

  • SKF Oil Seals

  • Bonded Oil Seal

  • Gearbox Oil Seal

  • Half Axle Oil Seal

We are Oil Seals Wholesaler located at Shanghai.China. We, as one of the importer imports oil seals in China and through our Distributor channel, we export, supply and scattered. Manufacturer like cfw, NOK etc manufature the product with most high accuracy. We are one of the wholesalers / leading suppliers and deals in Oil Seals of NOK, cfw, etc Our Pillar factors that determine the growth of our company/firm are Quality, Reliability, Durability and Price. 

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