Welcome to SY , your motor Vehicle fittings specialists!

       SY Motor Vehicle Fittings was Co., Ltd was founded in Shanghai. Our registered capital is USD 3.6 million, we have 260 people and our factory area is 28000m².  We are one of the leading motor vehicle parts export enterprises in Shanghai, which specializes in Rubber Products, Oil Seals, O-rings, Custom Rubber Products, Plastic ProductsFenders and Various Automotive accessories Brackets.

   We applied ISO9001:2000 international quality control system certification and certified,obtained the certificate of TS16949 and implemented KPI programs.Our sales Region include China, USA, Europe, Japan, South East Asia and other regions.

   With a large scale factory in China, our manufacturing equipment, technology and design capabilities are comprehensive and limitless. Due to our large scale factory, in as little as an estimated 4 weeks your products can be ready for shipment. Every salesman is professional through systematic training.

In additional, we offer OEM and ODM service which are supported by our R&D team which has over years experience in this Industry. SY Motor Vehicle Fitting Co.,Ltd is dedicated to providing our customer with the most advanced technology available. We have been developed over hundreds safety products that conform to different standards. We have implemented astringent quality control standard to ensure our customers in this ever-changing global markets. Our company systems are designed to dramatically save our customer’s time and effort to find the right fittings.At SY ,we work diligently developing new material compositions and products for application in more fields. During this process,we carefully analyzes every step to ensure that our customers always to receive the best quality products. At SY , quality is our number one commitment.

        We are a company committed to building long-term partnerships with our customers all around the world. Our goal is to be your primary source for all kinds of Traffic & Parking Safety products. In the future, we will comply with the stream of time, insist to provide assistance at any stage of your demand, and willing to become the leader of auto parts industry with you.

Our Mission:

The fundamental purpose of SY Company is to exceed our customers expectations with quality, responsiveness, innovation, value, and to provide cost effective products and services.We will pursue excellence in all that we do; in the value and safety of our products, our support services, our customer and associate relations, our competitiveness, and our profitability. Exceeding our customers expectations is paramount and is the cornerstone of our success.

Our Beliefs

Provide customers with better product solutions

Provide comfortable office atmosphere for employees

Provide better professional services for society



R&D Center
Our strong R&D team enables us to develop molds and rubber formulas according to customer needs, to simulate the actual working conditions and provide customized solutions.
Production workshop
The company has continuously bought the most advanced production equipment at home and abroad, such as CNC machining center, HARTING numerical control, automatic vacuum vulcanizing machine, PANSTONE Vertical Vacuum Rubber Injection Molding Machine, etc., and introduced the central connection system to avoid interference from human factors and ensure the products consistent and stable during production.
Quality inspection workshop and experimental center
The company adheres to the principle of “three nos”. That is: we don’t accept bad raw material, not produce the unqualified products , and not sell the unqualified products. Several rounds of supervision are implemented from the procurement of raw materials, production processes, simulation experiments, packaging and other aspects, and we continue to pursue more sophisticated testing equipment and more accurate testing methods, so as to ensure product quality and eliminate all worries for our customers.
We adopt the modern inventory management system, adhere to the principle of “FIFO”, and have a complete warehouse management system to ensure warehouse runs orderly and efficiently.